Friday, May 23, 2008

PHP IDE choosing guide

There are plenty of Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - softwares or hardwares that form up the environment for the development of softwares or other hardwares - created for the programming of PHP codes.

Some of them include Dev-PHP, Aptana Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver and more.. But what is the best for you, since PHP is such a dynamic and complex language?

There are a few pointers you should consider before using that IDE of your choice.
1) Patches and security fixes to the software - are they kept up to date with the latest version of PHP?
2) Does it allow you to integrate PHP with other platforms such as AJAX and XML?
3) Are the code correctly colored?
4) Are the tools available with the packages useful?
5) Are the tools available easy to use?
6) Is it free for use/production?

Those pointers are just some guide to choosing your default IDE. Of course, you can combine them and use multiple IDE on one single project. It's good that you experiment out the available IDEs and find the one that suits you best.

Sam Yong

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