Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Script Bundle

I have recently started building a php scripts bundle for sales. The bundle includes

  • Password and String Encryption Class - pcrypt
    A class that helps you to encode a string with a password and a random salt. The same password is required to decode the encrypted string. useful for storing data that requires password encryption. it offers common hashing methods: SHA1, MD5 and CRC32.

  • Hypertext Markup Language PHP Builder Class - htmlbuilder
    Using this class, you can build XHTML and HTML valid web pages with php codes. it uses object-based codes and you can nest objects in objects with class parent-children relations.

  • Javascript in HTML Optimizer Control Class - scriptcontrol
    Puts all the codes in javascripts tags into a file and call from there. this allow optimized loading and thus decreasing server load.

  • Script and File Pre-Processor - sp
    Pre-process your xml, javascript and css files with this processor. it is not a class, instead, you can call it directly. Also, instead of calling individual files, you can combine many files into one: eg sp.php?f=file1.css;file2.css;file4.css

  • Alternative Logging - altlog
    a great logging tool that allows error logging to be managed easy via a class. commonly used by the rest of the scripts for error logging.

  • PHP Cache Control - cachec
    Allows you to cache variables, data so as to speed up page loading. it saves cache into files in a directory and will load it later for faster loading.

Would you want to buy it? Comment your thoughts.

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