Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PHP GD: Creating a security captcha in PHP

I was working on an application yesterday when I had to write a captcha security check on the form. So I came up with the following script to generate an image with random code. The script will also rotate the code a little in the image and randomize the position of the code on the image. a random background will also be selected (random background image should be 100px by 30px).


// note that $_GET['k'] is a static key that you can enter when getting the image.
// generate the key and store into session
$_SESSION['captchasecurity'] = md5(mt_rand().time().$session_hash).$session_hash.md5($_GET['k'].mt_rand());
// create a shorter key for display
$key = dechex(crc32($_SESSION['captchasecurity']));

// disable the client side caching
header('Content-type: image/png');
header('Cache-Control: max-age=0');
header('Expires: '.gmdate('r',time()-3600*24*365));

// randomize the background image
$r = mt_rand(0,3);
$captcha = imagecreatefrompng('img/captcha'.$r.'.png');

$cl = mt_rand(0,50);
$c = imagecolorallocate($captcha, $cl, $cl, $cl);
$line = imagecolorallocate($captcha,233,239,239);

$txtx = imagefontwidth(5) * strlen($key) +10;
$txty = imagefontheight(5);

$timg1 = imagecreate($txtx,$txtx);
$ba = imagecolorallocatealpha($timg1,0, 0, 0,127);
imagefilledrectangle($timg1, 0, 0, $txtx, $txtx, $ba);
imagesavealpha($timg1, true);

$tc = imagecolorallocate($timg1, $cl, $cl, $cl);
imagestring($timg1, 5, 0, $txtx/2 - $txty/2, $key, $tc);

$tca = imagecolorallocatealpha($timg1, 255, 255, 255,127);
$timg = imagerotate($timg1, mt_rand(-5,5), $tca);
imagesavealpha($timg, true);
imagecopy($captcha, $timg, mt_rand(2,22), mt_rand(3,6), 0, $txtx/2 - $txty/2, $txtx, $txtx);

// output the captcha image

// free up memory

To check whether the code entered by the user against the one generated, simply do the following:

// case sensitive check. CRC32 hash is in low case.
if($_POST['captchacode'] != dechex(crc32($_SESSION['captchasecurity']))){
// the code is wrong
// code is correct.


Get the full code on Pastebin: http://thephpcode.pastebin.com/f21c1ed80

Note that this captcha script has been tested to be successful on my localhost. I cannot guarantee 100% bot proof. You are advised to step up the security in your own application.


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Hi Anirudha

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