Monday, October 12, 2009

file_get_contents() vs fread() - Speed Test and Benchmarking

File access is commonly found in any PHP application. Be it caching, or reading data from a file or what. Lately I've been wondering, whether the use of file_get_contents() over fread() is a good practice (i always prefer file_get_contents()).

So this morning I ran a test between this 2 methods of reading a file. The script I used to run is at

So here's the result from the tests of 5 runs:
 fread() (seconds)file_get_contents() (seconds)

So here it's clear that file_get_contents() is much faster than fread(), mainly because fread() consists of an overhead additional loop and several functions.


Sjors said...

What filesize did you have?
In a lot of cases fread is much faster.

Sankar lp said...

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