Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Art of Password Protection in PHP

While I was working on some algorithm on PHP earlier on, I began to thought about the methods of password protection when I was still a novice in PHP, till now where I stand. Here's a little bit on how I went through the stages of password protection.

The Art of Password Protection, MD5, SHA1, Salting, php code

Of course my website wasn't hack and I wasn't that bad NOT to hash the password at all. When I started off building my first website, betaPod, I actually used MD5 for password to be hashed. Afterwhich, I learnt about how MD5 passwords can be rainbow-tabled and cracked, and came to know about what is called salting.

Then when I thought that if salting is not enough, I came up with positions of the salt based on the password entered, which makes the hash very unique and secured.

You can definitely use the code in the image.

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